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Geomancy explores the realm where human consciousness meets and dialogues with the Spirit of the Earth. It empowers the harmonious interaction between person and place, and can enhance spiritual growth.

Powerpoints in Time

While Geomancy honours the spirit of place, it also honours its intersection with the Spirit of Time. We honour all spiritual paths with heart, and so, we would begin by recognising that different paths see different days as special. On these islands, the builders of Stonehenge honoured the Summer Solstice, at Newgrange, they honoured the Winter Solstice, but all spiritual paths and world religions hold different days as special.
You are looking at a completely revised Mid-Atlantic Geomancy.  We have moved to a new Internet Service Provider, rewritten the <.html>, and have added new material - especially a section on Dyslexia and Dowsing and its connection with Geomancy.  Also, you can now read this entire website formatted for both cell phones and iPads, so it will be much easier to read on these devices.  So, I invite you to sit back and realax and enjoy our latest issue of our MAG E-zine.
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MAG E-Zine #57:  And Now for Something Completely Different

At Companions’ Day at Chalice Well here in Glastonbury in June, Karin met Adam, a Polish masseur who claimed to be good with “arthuritis", a peculiarly Vermontian disease.  As I have a dose of it in my right shoulder that hurts like "H E Double drumsticks” (read: Hell), she suggested that I contact him, which I did.

It turned out that he advised me to have three massages a week, start Pilates, and to do training on walking machines, cross training machines, bicycles and other instruments of corporeal torture down at the Tor Leisure Centre.  

With great apprehension, I took his advice, and so began my descent into the Netherworld of pain and boredom.  But I am proud to tell you that I am now an “afflete.”  If you are in any doubt, here is a shot of me in my affletic garb.

me in my affletic garb

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