Left Brain/Right Brain

We have been trained very well to use our rational mind, our left brain. Most of us have spent much of the first two decades of our life sitting in rows, being quiet, paying attention and coming up with the answer that the teacher thought was correct. (I have a number of memories from my "academically-checkered" school career where the teacher told me that the answer I gave was wrong, when in later life, I realized that I was correct and the teacher was wrong - but this is beside the point here.) We learned how to quickly give the answer to such questions as:

"What is the sum of nine and six?"

I trust that you came up with "fifteen" rather quickly. You have trained your left brain, your rational analytical brain very - or at least reasonably - well. But what about:

"Is this person telling the truth?"


"Where is the nearest source of water to this house that is good and potable, less than twenty feet down, over five gallons a minute, and runs year 'round?"

In both cases, your rational skills will be of little or no use, You have to tap in to the other half of your brain - your right hemisphere, where intuitive, creative and spiritual awareness come from.

Just as you have trained your left brain to give you simple mathematical sums, dowsing is an excellent tool to get intuitive responses on demand.

But the important point here is that in dowsing you have to ask the right question (a left brain function) to get the best answer (a right brain function). For example with the last question above, if you only asked the first part of the question, "Where is the nearest source of water to this house?", your dowsing rod would show you where the nearest source of water to the house is, but it may be nine-hundred feet down, yield a thimble full of water an hour, taste like sulphur and runs dry for three months every summer!

Our unconscious takes our questions VERY literally.

In dowsing, you gotta' ask the right question to get the right answer! You must do BOTH good left brain analytical preparation of the question AND solid right brain intuitive work.

I call this conscious use of BOTH sides of the brain and valuing their answers EQUALLY "Gnowing." They say that today we use less than ten percent of our brain. Dowsing is a solid way of at least doubling this, and increasing the chances that what you are looking for will be correct.

I feel that gnowing is the path to greater consciousness - dare I say - the consciousness we will need as we move in to the New Age.

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