This is a collection of people who have influenced my professional life in the field of Geomancy over the past fifty-five years  - Divination of the Earth (see Geomancy Overview for a more thorough discussion of what geomancy is). Some of the earlier geomancers I never met, but their literary works got me going when I was first starting out. The rest I have either I taught and they have become active in their own right, or I have worked with them in the field.

I have made up the verb to gnow.  It is based on the Gnostics, and I say it with a hard G so it can be differentiated from to know which means to be aware of something analytically.  To Gnow means that one is aware of something both analytically and intuitively (for example through dowsing where one must ask a very specific question - rational skills - to enhance the possibiity of getting the best answer intuitively). Gnowing is a skill that Earth Mysteries people and Geomancers need as our work requires the use of both sides of the brain and valuing the results equally.

Some of the people I have included in this list have written that they do not see themselves as geomancers.  While I totally accept that, the contributions they have made to this field are inestimable -  labyrinths,  landscape geometry, and the Earth Mysteries to mention a just a few.  These are important aspects of the geomantic tradition, and I truly appreciate and honour their contributions.

The Motto of the American Society of Dowsers sums it up best for me: 

                                       To The Fruitful Search!

I have divided this project into eight sections: