patrick w   Patrick MacManaway 
Past President of the British Society of Dowsers studied with me in Vermont; taught with me in the Apprenticeship Program (Earth Mysteries and geomancy), and has gone on to be recognized as one of the World’s best geomancers.


Bruce MacManaway 
Father of Patrick, he led part of the protective ring around Dunkirk and when he ran out of medical supplies, he used his healing hands to stop the bleeding; he went on to found The Westbank Centre in 1959, one of the earliest alternative healing centres in the UK, in Strathmiglo, Scotland in the early fifties.

   bruce m

 patriciaMacmanaway w   Patricia MacManaway
Patrick’s mother was a life-long intuitive healer whose natural gifts extended to a deep resonance and rapport with the nature spirit, plant and animal realms. She was known and loved by all who came within her sphere of great love and compassion.

Kate & Col. John Payne
Like Terry Ross, the Paynes studied with the MacManaways in Scotland before coming back to New York State to open the Foundation of Light in Ithaca, one of the early alternative centres.  

  KateCol.John Payne w

chuck pettis w   Chuck Pettis -
Chuck buhas created a Nature Reserve, Retreat Center and Sculpture Garden of sacred spaces (Stone Circles, Labyrinth, Medicine Wheels, Dolmen, Buddhist Stupa and Infinite Tower sculpture) all geomantically connected with ley lines.

The Ellis Hollow Stone Circle
built in 1977 was designed and built by the Chuck Pettis, Mike Sweeney, and the Cosmic Monument Study Group of the Foundation of Light in Ithaca, New York. As far as I know, this was the earliest stone ring located on energetic lines built in North America in modern times.

John Williams

was an old-time Welch dowser in the BSD who first wrote about the five node points on standing stones (with two more below ground) that correlate to the seven chakras; he found that if you leaned against the third one down from the top (equivalent to the throat chakra), it would spin you off!

Richard feather Anderson
B.Sc. Architecture, Feng Shui Master, was an early pioneer in the revival of geomancy, feng shui, earth mysteries, symbolic geometry and labyrinths in North America (having founded the American School of Geomancy in 1985 and designed the seminal labyrinths for San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral), who has continually contributed new insights and practices for applying ancient wisdom within the modern world, especially in the fields of environmental design, earth healing and mystical eco-consciousness.

  Paul Devereux
was an early Earth Mysteries researcher with a special interest in landscape lines, editing 'The Ley Hunter' magazine from 1976 to 1996; subsequently he published 27 geomantic and related books and countless articles, field-studied sacred geographies around the world, and since 1977 is the director of the Dragon Project Trust ( investigating rumours of energies at sacred sites, helped to pioneer archaeaoacoustics (the study of sound at ancient sites) which he continues to research (
Jeff Saward - Based in Southeast England, Jeff Saward was first captivated by the labyrinth in 1976 and is a world authority on the history and development of labyrinths and mazes, author, editor and contributor of many books on the subject, designer and builder of labyrinths, administrator of the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator ( and the Labyrinthos website (


     Kimberly Saward - Originally from northern California, but now based  in England, Dr. Kimberly Saward is a founding member and past president of The Labyrinth Society and has employed her background as a psychologist and educator in her work with labyrinths worldwide, leading tours and writing extensively about the labyrinths and sacred sites she visits.

Marty Cain
For the past thirty+ years, Marty has been active both in the field of labyrinths (where at one time I believe she had built more permanent labyrinths in the USA than anyone else) to dowsing, where she served on the Board of the American Society of Dowsers.


  Nicolas Mann
Nicholas’ books, including ‘Avebury Cosmos’ and ‘The Sacred Geometry of Washington, D.C.’ show how humans interact with nature and the heavens to produce places of special significance and power.