JamieG w   Jamie George
Jamie has long been a great influence on my life as a geomancer. He told me about the initial Earth Mysteries event I went to in Glastonbury in 1984, and helped me move to Glastonbury in 1985. He leads dynamic tours to sacred sites all over the British Isles that include many of the geomancers as speakers mentioned on this site.

Palden Jenkins
I'm interested in 'prehistoric geo-engineering' and the worldview lying behind it, currently working mainly with site alignments, date-dowsing and studying patterns and remnants of megalithic science in West Penwith, Cornwall, where I have also discovered nine previously undiscovered sites and have significantly re-drawn the prehistory of the area - it's all reported on w
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  Diana Griffiths
The geomancy I do is a mix of various practices taught to me over the years by Native American and Aboriginal Healers and utilising my knowledge as a qualified Acupuncturist.  I work on healing the landscape and making sick houses well.

Sue Barnet
Sue was one of my earliest friends when I moved to Glastonbury in the mid-eighties. As a gifted medium, she has been active in the Earth Mysteries field teaching at many of the EM camps I went to in the eighties. She has long run a B&B in Glastonbury that supports seekers who come to the magical Isle of Avalon.


tom_graves_w.jpg   Tom Graves
Extensive research and writing on dowsing, geomancy and more in the 1970s-80s, and still on occasion to date. Works at the periphery of a broad swathe of different fields, including foresight, geomancy, dowsing, intuitive-skills and many more.

Tony Kennish
works with the Sacred Earth Energies of place and Ley Alignment Lines, and communicates with Universal Consciousness, which carries knowledge, information and creative energies.

  Ark Redwood
Arc is the head gardener at Chalice Well, and is highly skilled in the art of geomantic landscape gardening. In the picture above, he is mixing the waters at Imbolc of the Red Spring at Chalice Well with the White Spring waters across the road.

Ann & Roy Procter
Originally taught by Scottish healer Bruce MacManaway in 1980, Roy and Ann developed a service they call Healing Sick Houses, using dowsing to diagnose and spiritual healing to transmute energies detrimental to inhabitants to become beneficial, also helping away any alien entities which were draining people personally. <www.procterdowsing.co.uk.>


  Ros Briagha
I have always been drawn to ancient sites, since heading off to "live with the fairies" when I was four, to the local bronze age camp! I create and use sacred space, mainly stone circles, that I then use for pagan celebrations, and ceremonies that honour the Earth, and the turning of the seasons in the Wheel of the year. I use my astrological knowledge and deviceless dowsing to guide me in the placing, and using, of both my own, and ancient, sacred sites.

Ivan Macbeth
Ivan was a Druid who passed away in Vermont in 2016, and he made major contributions to Geomancy and the Earth Mysteries by building stone rings both in the UK and in Northeastern United States.

  Jon Appleton
I met Jon at our first Earth Mysteries gathering in Butleigh in 1986. He is a Druid who has worked tirelessly at camps since then – especially at OakDragon. He developed a special dance for two in a labyrinth called appropriately “The Appleton," and his Star Goddess at Avebury is a major development.