Billy Gawn
Dowser from Northern Ireland, Billy was the head of the BSD Earth Energies Group. “Earth Energies are the energetic expression of creation and the evolu-tionary processes as they stand at the moment.”


Jack Roberts, Martin Brennan, Toby Hall
Martin Brennan’s book “The Boyne Valley Vision” was the result of an intensive exploration with Jack Roberts and Toby Hall of so called “passage graves” in Ireland which, until then, the archaeoastro-nomical aspects of these prehistoric chambers had not been taken seriously by the archaeological establishment.
  Photo by Anthony Murphy

     Anthony Murphy
As an author, researcher and photographer, I have been studying the Boyne Valley megalithic sites in the context of mythology, astronomy, alignments and their sacred aspects for about 20 years.

Tony Christie ­­
Healing the earth and its people through the labyrinth, light and love. or


  Robin Heath ­­
My work is based around the patterns made across landscapes that connect megalithic sites, or later sites known to have been built on megalithic remains. The location of these sites is used in order to identify and measure accurate geometrical patterns formed by these sites.

Centrum Athanor
Leo van Vugt & Joos Holster

Winter Solstice Sun Set

De Schaappshoeve

Jack Peters, Carin Wennink


Ruud Borman
I organize trips to sacred landscapes and write about sacred places and in that way I work with certain landscape-patterns.


    Jessica van Loon
is a Priestess of the Goddess and of Avalon and she works with the Magic of Nature in the tradition of Avalon and the Celtic Wheel.
On Facebook: <Jess Avalon>.


Bo Stjernström

Swedish repairer of old coastal labyrinths on the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia.

  Dan Mattsson
Dan looked at the geometry of Viking Ship Settings as well as the pictoglyphs/rock art.

Anundshög, Sweden
Using the model airplane (in the picture above) Dan Mattsson surveyed the stone vesicas found at the base of Anundshög (the base of this truncated mound is in the upper right-and corner of this picture).  This is the largest man-made mound in Sweden. Dan found that these are not vesica pisces; however, these viking "ship settings" fit exquisitely well into the geometry of the site.