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Mid-Atlantic Geomancy - Ethics
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Ethics are an extremely important aspect of any geomantic work (or any dowsing work for that matter) you might do and it should govern how you conduct yourself after you have gained permission to work for anyone. Even the issue of permission is an ethical issue. For me, doing something as simple as dowsing someone's aura without permission is, to put it bluntly, psychic rape - entering someone else's being without permission.

Karma/good deeds/bad deeds is perhaps the most important reason why I feel it is important to operate ethically. When one incorrectly uses higher level skills (like dowsing), one pays for it even more quickly. Your karma can come back to you with a speedy vengeance.

But perhaps even more importantly, for the sake of all of us who are reintroducing geomancy to the public – most of whom are not even aware of the concept – the news of someone charging exorbitant rates, or in some other way taking unfair advantage of their clients, gives us all a bad name.


The British Society of Dowsers, in maintaining and continuing to promote dowsing and dowsing practitioners in a manner consistent with the highest standards of personal integrity and professional behaviour, requires the following code of ethical conduct to be followed by Members of the Professional Register. A member, whose conduct is considered by the Council to be in breach of the ethical code may be removed from the Register.

The reputation and usefulness of dowsing depend on the behaviour of dowsers. All dowsers owe it to their colleagues, and to members of the public who can benefit from dowsing skills, not to bring dowsing into disrepute.

The public expect high standards of behaviour in people they call in, on trust, to help them with aspects of their working and private lives. Essential elements of this are professional competence, good relationships with clients and colleagues, and observance of ethical obligations.

1. Good Relationships with Clients.

2. Maintaining Trust With Clients and The Public

3. Respecting Relationships with Colleagues.

4. Good Performance.

5. Providing Information About Your Services.

6. Legal Observance & Commercial Dealings.

7. Teaching and Training.

The BSD encourages you to help the public to be aware of and understand dowsing and related issues and to contribute to the education and training of other dowsers.

The British Society of Dowsers

Wyche Innovation Centre
Walwyn Road
Upper Colwall
WR13 6PL (UK)

+44 (0)1684 576969

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I wish to thank the British Society of Dowsers for allowing me to reprint their Professional Ethical Code here on Mid-Atlantic Geomancy.

Further reading: The MetaEthics of Divination (by Maryam Povey M.Ed, CHT)

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