pi — 3.1416 : 1 — the Circle


The Circle: Radius (CD)
= 1 Diameter (AB)
= 2 Circumference
= pi (3.1416) x Diameter

Pi (3.1416 : 1) is found in any circle. In sacred geometry, the circle represents the spiritual realms. A circle, because of that transcendental number pi, cannot be described with the same degree of accuracy as the physical square. The circle is yin.

It is a good shape to do all kinds of spiritual activities in. It is good for groups to work in circles. There are many examples of sacred spaces that are circular.

Ring of Brodgar, Mainland Orkney is a true circle. Most stone rings in the British isles are not actually circular. Dr Alexander Thom proved this with his pioneering work in the sixties. Some of the true circles are Merry Maidens in Cornwall, Stonehenge and the Ring of Brodgar.


Howard Issac, Seneca Native American, stands in front of a Medicine wheel at the home of Wolf Clan Mother Grandmother Twylah Nitsch on the Seneca Cattaraugus Reservation in western New York. Note the clear demarcation of the Four Directions. The circle encloses it all.

Chartres labyrinth   This circular dance pattern/labyrinth is found in the floor of the nave of Chartres Cathedral.

The labyrinth is the same distance inside the front door as the Rose Window is above it. This circular stain-glass masterpiece and the labyrinth are exactly the same size.

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