All the Earth is sacred – it's just that some places seem alive, and it is easier to be aware of that spiritual connection. We have found that these sacred spaces are aligned astronomically, constructed using Sacred Geometry, and built over Earth Energy power centers.


Labyrinths are a sub-class of sacred spaces. These magical single path tools are undoubtedly the most popular of the new sacred spaces that are being built today. A geomancer's job is to set the stage for the spiritual production. This labyrinths section can give you ideas on how you can make them using their seed patterns. There are also ideas on one way that you can use these ancient sacred spaces as a practical problem solving device.


It is through the study of ancient sacred spaces that modern geomancers have learned much of what we presently know about our ancient art.

Patrick MacManaway lives in New England, and Sig got his Masters Degree studying sacred spaces there. Here are some examples:

Calendar II is in central Vermont.  Sig first experienced sacred space there, and it isone of the major ancient sites in New England.

Glastonbury is but one of many sacred sites around the world. Sig lived there for over twenty-five years, so there is  a section on this magnificent pilgrimage town.

Easter Aquorthies is a classic example of a recumbent stone ring.

Labyrinths, magical single path tools, are found around the world, and are in a class by themselves.

This section shows old labyrinths around the Atlantic from the dim reaches of pre history, to our arbitratry date of 1900 CE.

Archaeoastronomy at sacred sites has demonstrated the importance of the heavens.


In recent years, there has been a revival in the construction of new sacred spaces using old geomantic principles. We offer one section of new sacred spaces of various kinds, and another specifically on new labyrinths that have been built within the last twenty years.

We also include our sacred crops section. Regardless of your theory of how they are constructed and who actually makes them, these crop circles are new, and they are found in England around some of this countrty's most important sacred sites.

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